Sunday, October 09, 2005


Second bunch

I've been busy planning the project today. I ordered the Lumenlab guide and got full forum access. I payed by credit card and I was browsing the forums and reding the .pdf guide in five minutes. The instructions are very well written and there is loads of information, schematics and images, it's totally worth the 20 bucks, I recommend investing in this if youre serious about building your own projector. You also get acces to a private projector wiki (an information data base) and ofcourse the private lumenlab forums. has renewed their site, the stocks are now updated in real time and they have a proper shopping cart and order procedure. I ordered thes rest of my gear today and payed by Paypal after receiving confirmation of my order. I got the 400w HQI light kit, condeser, reflector, optical mirror, big fresnel, varifocal 310x360, piece of heat resistant glass (borosilicate) and a few electric bits.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Stocking Gear

I bought two 120mm Glacialtech SilentBlade fans, this babies are huge and they move a hefty 37CFM of air around while running at a quiet 19dB! They ought to keep my box cool enough. I also ordered a 2x3m screen fabric and 15" uv filter from (spanish for cheap projector), email replies were quick, I recommend shopping with them. I plan to get the rest of my equipment from, just as long as the lens I want comes into stock (310x360 varitriplet).

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